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SEI Thai Electric Conductor Co., Ltd. 

Establishment: 27 April, 2012
Capital     : 2,010,000,000 THB
Shareholder    : Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
 : S.E.I. Thai Holding Co., Ltd.
 : Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) Ltd.

Sep. 2014: Started operation of Aluminum electric wire  for automotive and Aluminum rounded bar.
Jan.  2015 : Started operation of Copper drawn wire.
May.  2015: Started operation of Copper wire rod.
Sep. 2016: Started operation of Aluminum wire rod and wire.

STEC Principles

  • To be a leading manufacturer of copper wire rod and copper wire, aluminum wire rod, wire and bar, and aluminum electric wire for automotive wiring harness.
  • To enhance customer’s satisfaction of quality, delivery and technical support.
  • To comply the laws and regulations of Thailand and each customer’s countries.
  • To contribute societies through its business activities, including the provision of products, technologies and services that benefit society.